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Benefits of a Career in the Veterinary Field

800px-Veterinary_SurgeonEmbarking on veterinary medicine as a career choice will provide the best path through one’s knowledge and medical compassion can be best put into practice. The heart of veterinarians is based on disease prevention as well as healing of animals. There is so much to that as veterinary medicine poses lots of potential career paths which are yet to be fully exploited. We asked the experts at Lakehead University.
Besides the medical skills acquired from veterinary training, veterinarians are well versed with holistic approach regarding to ensuring well-being of humans and animals. This is made possible as veterinarians have problem solving and communication skills which are of unique nature. This is especially important given that the veterinary professionals are better placed and qualified in fulfilling certain tasks.

Public Health Advice: Animals, be they livestock or pet do matter a lot to individuals as well as the society at large. This calls for veterinarians who will help in offering advice on the best healthcare. However that is not the only scope to which veterinarians’ work is limited to. The work also entails ensuring that food supply from animals is safe and control the spread of diseases. Veterinarians do carry out research on humans and animals so as to come up with suitable measures for safeguarding public health as well as welfare.

Consultation Services: Veterinary medicine allows for specialization in various disciplines such as dermatology, oncology, internal medicine, animal surgery and lots of other sectors. This avails lots of opportunities through which one can apply his skills. Recent figures suggest that most veterinarians prefer private practice through which personalized consultation services can be delivered to where such may be needed. This is a good move as the demand for such services is always high given the limited number of professionals within this field. Private veterinary medicine can further be narrowed so as to suit one’s own preferences and the reward is always promising.

Veterinary Medical Research

Highly competent veterinarians are ever on demand in research institutions, pharmaceutical companies dealing with animal health products as well as in universities. There are lots of research topics to be undertaken regarding veterinary medicine. Veterinarians are involved in problem solving aspects of animals for food production, companion, and animals for laboratory research and oversee animal aspects such as feeding, breeding, housing and general health. Veterinarians are always working to develop as well as test vaccines which are engineered with the aim of controlling and treating diseases in animals and humans.

Teaching Veterinary

There are lots of higher institutions of learning offering veterinary medicine and related courses. Having adequate knowledge as well as relevant certification can get one to be involved in helping more people acquire more knowledge on animal health. Veterinarians work in educational institutions as tutors, research specialists and lots of other programs. For instance there is urgent demand for veterinary expertise is sectors such as food safety, animal husbandry, veterinary biomedical research and animal public health. To help address the shortage of veterinarians, several government programs have been put up to offer more scholarship opportunities with the aim of gathering more students.

Common Diseases That Raccoons And Squirrels Carry

Scalable_vector_raccoon.svgThere are actually many diseases commonly found in both raccoons and squirrels, and in this article we will go over some of the most common ones, how they can be spotted, what their symptoms are, and how they should be treated. You can find more information on this matter regarding squirrels and raccoons at the corresponding links.


Yes, we all know about dogs infected with rabies In fact, dogs are indeed the most common carriers of rabies. But other animals can carry rabies as well. Raccoons are the leading cause of rabies caused by wildlife, making up a full forty one percent of all rabies cases in the wildlife. Raccoons can transmit rabies through their bites and scratches. Signs of rabid raccoons may include an unsteady gait, foaming at the mouth, and erratic behavior. Simple being active during the daytime is NOT a sign of rabies. But fear not!It is extremely rare for anyone to die because of rabies caught from a raccoon. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, only one, that’s right one, death by the raccoon stream of rabies was ever recorded. In fact, that infected raccoon will be dead by three days, tops. Same goes for squirrels. By squirrels, it is actually extremely rare for them to even carry rabies, though it could happen. So don’t be overly concerned about squirrels and raccoons with rabies.But, of course, if you do see a raccoon or squirrel exhibiting signs of rabies, make sure to report it. Certainly, if you were bitten by a raccoon or squirrel, make sure to get medical assistance as soon as you can.


Leptospirosis, caused by the bacteria Leptospira, is a disease commonly found in rodents, such as raccoons, as well as squirrels. Symptoms range from mild, such as mere headaches, fever, and muscle pain, to severe, including sometimes liver failure. Leptospirosis is transmitted through contact with the animal’s urine, or through contact with earth saturated with the animal’s urine. An average of seven million to ten million people infected with leptispirosis are reported each year, although the amount of actual deaths are unknown. If you are experiencing any symptoms of leptispirosis, such as rashes, fever, and headaches, certainly if you or someone else with these symptoms are also experiencing yellowing of the eyes, and you have reason to believe that you had some contact with an animal’s urine,make sure to seek medical assistance immediately.

Raccoons are also natural hosts to a certain type of larvae called baylisascaris, which means that although there are no symptoms when still in the raccoon, when transmitted to humans, can have deadly effects. Also known as the raccoon roundworm, it is transmitted through the raccoon’s feces, and can cause extreme damage to the brain, as well as a rare disease called visceral larva migrans. If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of the symptoms of the raccoon roundworm, and has ingested raccoon feces or anything that may have come into contact with a raccoon’s feces, make sure to seek medical assistance immediately. Some of the symptoms include nausea, dizziness, skin irritation, and respiratory discomfort. So, although animals are cute, extreme caution must be taken whenever interacting with our furry friends.

Help Animals by Taking a Career in Animal Rescue

800px-FEMA_-_34511_-_Large_animal_rescue_workers_in_MissouriIt takes a certain kind of person who will use his or her life’s ambition to help animals that have landed in shelters or at rescues all over the US. Helping animals might not always be a lucrative because funding for these types of programs are made smaller with each passing year. Most shelters need to have a volunteer force to assist in the day to day routine of taking care of animals housed there. It has been studied and found that helping animals by volunteering can lower human stress levels as well as help a person to feel needed and appreciated. This is what specialists in animal control and rescue have confirmed to us.

Of all of the the emotions that are reported most frequently by workers in the animal rescue fields, happiness is reported most by many workers who assist with animal rescue and adoption. A study in Natural Health magazine (2007) showed that 95% of shelter volunteers said they got a feeling of euphoria and energy because working around the animals is a feel-good activity. This is possibly why the field of Animal Control is one of the fastest growing professions in the country.

When an animal is captured and brought to a shelter, this is when the animal is living on borrowed time. While there are many no-kill shelters, many still are faced with a euthanization time clock. In the field of animal rescue, there is an organization called the Best Friends Animal Society. This large organization has a variety of career openings for people in a wide array of professions. The directors believe that everyone who comes to work here has one thing in common — they all want to help animals and work in a community of caring people who feel the same way. Not only are there career positions in animal care, welfare and advocacy,there are also careers in administration, communications, development, veterinary care, and more. No matter what your area of expertise, some animal rescue organization may be looking for you!

Careers in animal welfare cover a broad range: Veterinarians, lawyers, marketing, writing, animal control officer, and many other behind the scenes workers that needed to care for animals who have ended up in an animal shelter. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) works with local, state and federal legislators to help enact protections for animals. People with advocacy experience could assist the organization by grass root campaigns or lobbying efforts on behalf of animals. No matter your age, location or financial situation, there is always something you can do that will benefit an animal shelter. Help Animals by

Remember taking a career in Animal Rescue will be difficult, physical work in places where animals might not survive. These organizations need upbeat people working for them that can detach somewhat from their true feelings about what a successful rescue looks like for an animal. Sometimes not even a seasoned employee can handle saying goodbye to animals that they take care of. It is for these reasons that employment in the Animal Rescue business will benefit the worker and the animal being taken care of. People working together can make a difference, so if I suppose that constitutes a do over, I would probably be the person who would feel the happiness of loving one’s job if I could help out the local shelter or assist in any career that is in the animal rescue business.